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Bars are opting for the classic ‘Cocktails’ sign that is synonymous by the Tom Cruise film of the same name, restaurants are opting for neon lights and signs to direct people around the restaurant and showcase what they have on offer, like this one who installed a ‘Budweiser’ sign in their establishment, and coffee signs to show that bars also do hot drinks as part of their drinks menu.

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From small beginnings dating back four decades, LED-Signs has worked hard to expand its influence, to the point where we are now the benchmark and leading provider of LED digital sign technology in Australia. Our purpose-built manufacturing facility in Brisbane is where we design, manufacture and install visual displays that range from video walls and super screens to multi-media displays and multi-line graphic signs for clients of the calibre of Telstra, Crown Casino, Adidas and General Pants Co. across Australasia, throughout the UK, South Africa and the Middle East. With support offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth we service and continue to grow a satisfied client base.


How have we achieved this position? By continually developing original, in-house design solutions to client briefs that employ outside-the-box thinking and innovative engineering and customised software solutions. We continually test, evaluate and source the latest componentry and software to ensure our signage products continue to set the benchmark for the industry. We provide in-house support for all our signage and are so confident of the quality and longevity of our products that we offer an industry first 10-year technology guarantee. Every LED-Signs customer works with a dedicated project manager who will advise, design and consult throughout your project. Our project team are backed by the support of an engineering warehouse where hundreds of thousands of component-parts are stored to ensure ongoing maintenance and rapid repairs carried out by our own team of full-time qualified service technicians.


We have been fortunate enough to design and install our displays across a wide range of industries covering hospitality, gaming, building and architecture, retail, transport, education, mining, advertising and wherever a stand-out sign design solution is needed. Whether it’s a small supply-only sign or a large-scale project that involves council approvals, structural engineering, electrical installation, civil works, steel fabrication and detailed installation logistics we have the resources, expertise and credentials to see the job through to a successful conclusion.

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Neon Signage
When it comes to neon and signs in general, Claude Neon Signs specialises in concept, design, manufacture and installation. Through every phase of your project Claude Neon Signs is on hand to help you achieve your vision and brand identity, whilst taking into account the quality, price and environmental impact of your end product.
Through our experience of working in various industries and with a wide variety of clients from blue chip through to design agencies, architects and visual merchandisers, we have the expertise and facilities to produce neon, LED Neon, Commercial Signs, Architectural Signs and other signs that meet your expectations and required deadlines.
Claude Neon Signs
Your sign is carefully manufactured using a wide variety of techniques and different materials, ranging from acrylic, wood, metals, glass and composites to the use of light, chemical treatments and ageing finishes, giving the visual impact required.
Our designs and products are not based on today’s landfill design methodology, which provides products that fade into obsolescence after a brief product life cycle. We produce products able to stand the test of time, with minimal maintenance requirements, which at the end of their service life can be recycled providing sustainability and peace of mind that your product is making minimal environmental impact.

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Why Choose Me

  • Toilet signs
  • Direction signs
  • Bar signs
  • Logo signs
  • Diner signs
  • Mood lighting
  • Wall features
  • Branding signs
  • Product signs
  • Open & Closed signs
  • Quote & positive message signs
  • Kitchen signs
  • Slogan signs
  • External signs and arrows pointing to the entrance
  • Decorations such as Flamingo or palm tree design neon lighting
  • Taxation
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Environment
  • Mediation

Choosing your Neon Signage

When it comes to your home, you have just as many possibilities, whether that be features, decorations, logos and more. You can create your very own unique and bespoke neon sign for any location, work or home.  The effects of neon lights and signage speak for themselves in terms of impact on the overall design of a room or commercial setting. We love creating new and bespoke designs so why not invest in one today and take your interior design to the next level. Contact our team today for more information on how we can help you create your dream neon sign.