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A purpose build and established manufacturing, engineering and development centre is owned by Claude Neon Signs in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here we provide engineering, software, service, project management, install and support staff to assist in all project deliverables. With 2 factory units located in Gauteng, Claude Neon Signs is able to deliver the largest of project requirements while maintaining an uninterrupted delivery schedule for smaller regular orders.


Our warehousing, sales and support sites and have been carefully chosen to enable rapid execution of support services for clients in any location. A growing team of directly employed qualified field technicians across Australia is part of a four-tiered approach to service and technical support.

  1. In-house technical support for major domestic and international clients.
  2. Local sales and service offices with full time directly employed staff in Johannesburg, South Africa
  3. Long-term partnership agreements with reputable third parties to provide regional and international support.
  4. Claude Neon Signs service centre providing service and technical advice 10 hours/day, six days/week.

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Please provide as much information as you can including sizes, finishes, colors, lettering style and where the sign will be positioned or used, as this will allow us to price your sign as swiftly as possible. If you are unsure request a callback and we will give you a call to discuss the options you have available to you. If you would like to discuss your design before sending over the specifications please feel free to call us on:- 073 625 5637
Please provide a telephone number when emailing, so we can ensure you receive your estimate, as sometimes emails don’t get through.

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Claude Neon Signs complete project management process includes design, engineering and assembly. From the initial order through to delivery, our signs are staged in house at our logistics centre; this includes software configuration, customisation according to our client’s requirements, and QA checking. Claude Neon Signs provide a three tiered approach to service and technical support.

1.Qualified in house technical support to our major domestic and international markets

2.Long term partnership agreements with reputable third parties to provide regional and international support.

3.A service centre option that operates 10 hours a day / 6 days a week to provide service advice.All members of the Claude Neon Signs’ service team are fully qualified and comprehensively trained. All our technicians attend regular training sessions where they are kept up to date on the Claude Neon Signs product range and the latest LED technologies.Our 100 field technicians across Australia allow LED-Signs to offer the flexibility we need to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients.

Your sign is your introduction to the public and your sign design should be unique and memorable. Does your business need a sign? Do you have a design in mind or need help starting from scratch? Let us help you get started. We would love to talk about your sign project, provide assistance with your design, and help you put together the most effective sign system for your business. After all, your sign should be a reflection of you. Contact us today. If anything, we can give you some advice and help answer your questions.

Having the right sign in the best position sells your organisation from the very beginning. A good sign will attract the eye of potential customers and help project your identity, brand and services immediately.

Claude Neon Signs pride themselves on producing exceptional external signage. By working closely with our clients we can help determine the overall purpose of your requirements, using our know-how to best design and position your signage for maximum affect.