Each project begins with the customer, their sales representative, and our experienced design staff taking a seat at the table. We outline the project’s parameters and identify the desired outcome of the project. From there, our team of designers works to bring your vision to reality.
Our ability to look at the big picture and find a solution that incorporates both the client’s branding and the building’s existing environment is what sets us apart while being well-versed in understanding complex landlord and signage regulations from decades of experience.
We provide our clients with professional signage renderings that superimpose the design on digital photos, along with technical details regarding the fabrication and installation methods of the proposed signage. This gives you a great idea of what your sign will ultimately look like once installed, and provides the necessary technical information that would be required by city engineers and landlords.
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Our CSA certified manufacturing plant in Calgary is where every component of your sign will fabricated in-house. In coordination with advanced machinery and technologies at our facility, the men & women behind the operations are a group of highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work, which is reflected in the end result that you see. Whether its welding, sheet metal, electrical or our professional automotive grade paint booth, we’re constantly investing in new machinery to ensure efficient fabrication methods alongside high quality control standards, ensuring your signage was manufactured at the highest grade possible.


For larger scale projects that entail many different types of signage and variables, we offer project management services. Our in-house project managers have years of experience with large scale projects that require the know-how and ability to coordinate with the general contractors to deliver and install in conjunction with pre determined timelines. From attending regular site meetings, to working out potential issues in deficiency reports, our team is prepared for the task at hand, working towards the end goal.

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For installation and service work, we have a comprehensive fleet of vehicles ranging from large cranes, boom trucks, and service vans. We also have access to other equipment like scaffolding and swing stages – whatever the project requires, we have the experience and resources to handle it.
Our crews have extensive training and decades of experience. They’ve truly have seen it all and have the know-how to troubleshoot issues that might arise on-location. In addition, our service crews are fully-equipped and stocked with the most common signage parts in order to provide efficient maintenance of our customer’s signs.
While we typically service our immediate area – Johannesburg, Gauteng, for projects that are outside our neck-of-the-woods we have developed relationships with quality installation and service companies across Africa, that will work on our behalf to complete the job.
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non illuminated channel letter sign

Illuminated Channel Letters – With a 3 dimensional look, your sign will stand out, day or night, with illuminated channel letter signage.

Non-Illuminated Letters & Logos –Sometimes all you need is a sign that will catch interest during the daylight hours. Create whatever sign you need to get your brand into the eyes of your potential buyers.

Cabinet Signs –Make your brand pop with a colourful cabinet sign, designed to catch the eye, and stick in peoples minds.

Projecting Blade Signs–Classy and charming, these signs are great because they peek out into your customer’s line of vision as they walk, and are easy to spot, easy to find, and give even more exposure to your brand.


Leasing a sign means forging a long-term working relationship between you and your sign company (that’s us!).
We can help you strike that delicate balance between what you need and what will best suit your projected cashflow.
Needs can change over time and writing up a lease proposal which is both comprehensive and flexible can spell the difference between making a sign an asset or a liability.


Purchasing a sign outright will naturally entail a more significant initial investment on your part. Notwithstanding the fact that larger, more permanent appliances/fixtures lock you in on a particular style and look, your investment does not end there as other concerns such as maintenance and upgrade need to be addressed periodically. This is where National Neon shines in comparison to other suppliers. Along with your purchase, we offer options for insurance and maintenance, as well as options to lease out or resell what we have already built. This removes the stigma of looking at your signage investment as a ‘sunk cost’.

Our process is inclusive and collaborative and everyone understands the task at hand
– to create impactful signage of the highest standards.